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Rework Kawa download and build tasks to be more Gradle'y

All Kawa-related downloads now use our existing VerifiedDownload task
class.  This gives us Gradle-integrated progress reporting,
incremental build support, build caching, correct dependencies, etc.

Using Kawa to compile Scheme into bytecode now also has proper
dependency management, incremental build support, and build caching.
Same goes for bundling these compiled bytecode files into jar archives
for later use in regression tests.

Also, when downloading kawa-chess, grab a specific commit hash rather
than whatever is the most recent master commit.  If this project
changes in the future, we don't want our tests to break unexpectedly.
Perhaps we'd want to pick up any new kawa-chess commits; perhaps not.
Either way, that should be a conscious decision rather than something
that can happen behind our backs.
Ben Liblit 4 years ago
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@ -3,5 +3,5 @@ repositories {
dependencies {
compile 'de.undercouch:gradle-download-task:3.4.1'
compile 'de.undercouch:gradle-download-task:3.4.3'

139 vendored

@ -1,8 +1,3 @@
buildscript {
repositories { mavenCentral() }
dependencies { classpath 'org.ajoberstar:gradle-git:0.2.3' }
plugins {
id 'eclipse'
@ -11,94 +6,90 @@ eclipse.project.natures 'org.eclipse.pde.PluginNature' = ['src']
// download and extract kawa 3.0 "kawa.jar"
task downloadKawa(type: Exec) {
commandLine "wget", ""
workingDir "$temporaryDir"
def destination = file("$temporaryDir/")
enabled = !destination.exists() //to clone only once
task downloadKawa(type: VerifiedDownload) {
ext.version = '3.0'
final def archive = "kawa-${version}.zip"
src "$archive"
dest "$temporaryDir/$archive"
checksum '2713e6dfb939274ba3b1d36daea68436'
task extractKawa(type: Copy, dependsOn: downloadKawa) {
from(zipTree("${downloadKawa.temporaryDir}/")) {
include "kawa-3.0/lib/kawa.jar"
task extractKawa(type: Sync, dependsOn: downloadKawa) {
from(zipTree(downloadKawa.dest)) {
include "kawa-${downloadKawa.version}/lib/kawa.jar"
eachFile {
relativePath new RelativePath(!directory, relativePath.lastName)
into projectDir
into temporaryDir
includeEmptyDirs false
outputs.file 'kawa.jar'
def destination = file('kawa.jar')
enabled = !destination.exists() //to clone only once
task cleanExtractKawa(type: Delete) {
delete files(extractKawa)[0]
outputs.file "$temporaryDir/kawa.jar"
clean.dependsOn cleanExtractKawa
// build kawa chess
// specialized task for Kawa compilation into jar archive
import org.ajoberstar.gradle.git.tasks.*
task getKawaChess(type: GitClone) {
def destination = file("kawa-chess")
uri = ""
destinationPath = destination
bare = false
enabled = !destination.exists() //to clone only once
task compileChessFiles(type: JavaExec) {
def kawaImg = file('kawa-chess/img.scm')
def kawaPos = file('kawa-chess/pos.scm')
def kawaChess = file('kawa-chess/chess.scm')
def kawaGui = file('kawa-chess/gui.scm')
inputs.file kawaImg
inputs.file kawaPos
inputs.file kawaChess
inputs.file kawaGui
class CompileKawaJar extends Jar {
workingDir = file('kawa-chess')
@Nested final def compile = project.task("compileKawaInto${name.capitalize()}", type: JavaExec) {
final def kawaJar = project.files(project.extractKawa)[0]
classpath kawaJar
main 'kawa.repl'
def kawaJar = new File("kawa.jar")
inputs.file kawaJar
classpath kawaJar
args '-d', temporaryDir
outputs.dir temporaryDir
main 'kawa.repl'
args '-C', 'img.scm', 'pos.scm', 'chess.scm', 'gui.scm'
logging.captureStandardError LogLevel.INFO
args '--main', '-C'
compileChessFiles.dependsOn extractKawa
compileChessFiles.dependsOn getKawaChess
CompileKawaJar() {
from compile
version null
void setArgs(Object... args) {
compile.args args
task compileChessMain(type: JavaExec, dependsOn: compileChessFiles) {
def kawaJar = new File("kawa.jar")
inputs.file kawaJar
classpath kawaJar
workingDir = file("kawa-chess")
// download, unpack, and build kawa chess
def kawaMain = file('kawa-chess/main.scm')
inputs.file kawaMain
task downloadKawaChess(type: VerifiedDownload) {
ext.commitHash = 'f1d2dcc707a1ef19dc159e2eaee5aecc8a41d7a8'
src "${commitHash}.zip"
dest "$temporaryDir/"
checksum 'cf29613d2be5f476a475ee28b4df9d9e'
main 'kawa.repl'
args '--main', '-C', 'main.scm'
task unpackKawaChess(type: Sync, dependsOn: downloadKawaChess) {
from zipTree(downloadKawaChess.dest)
into temporaryDir = "$destinationDir/kawa-chess-${downloadKawaChess.commitHash}"
task buildChessJar(type: Jar, dependsOn: compileChessMain) {
from file('kawa-chess')
task buildChessJar(type: CompileKawaJar, dependsOn: unpackKawaChess) {
final def schemePath = { "$${it}.scm" }
final def schemeFiles = files(['chess', 'gui', 'img', 'main', 'pos'].collect(schemePath))
args schemePath('main')
inputs.files schemeFiles
baseName 'kawachess'
version null
destinationDir projectDir
@ -107,25 +98,11 @@ task buildChessJar(type: Jar, dependsOn: compileChessMain) {
// build the kawa test jar
task compileKawaTestMain(type: JavaExec, dependsOn: extractKawa) {
def kawaJar = new File("kawa.jar")
inputs.file kawaJar
classpath kawaJar
workingDir file('kawasrc')
def kawaMain = file('kawasrc/test.scm')
inputs.file kawaMain
main 'kawa.repl'
args '--main', '-C', 'test.scm'
task buildKawaTestJar(type: Jar, dependsOn: compileKawaTestMain) {
from file('kawasrc')
task buildKawaTestJar(type: CompileKawaJar) {
final def schemeFile = file('kawasrc/test.scm')
args schemeFile
inputs.files schemeFile
baseName 'kawatest'
version null
destinationDir projectDir