Fork of the T.J. Watson Libraries for Analysis used by DASCA.
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Manu Sridharan 49628fdf44 Start new development version 4 years ago
.externalToolBuilders switch to ant for downloading external dependence. also, added ant as a builder, so hopefully files will be downloaded automatically 12 years ago
.settings Disable some Eclipse warnings on Java test inputs 4 years ago
META-INF Start new development version 4 years ago
OSGI-INF/l10n Externalize bundle names and vendors 5 years ago
src Avoid using deprecated boxing constructors 4 years ago
Java60RegressionExclusions.txt complete conversion to Unix line endings 10 years ago
build.gradle Load plugins using "plugins" closure rather than "apply plugin" 4 years ago Set required build property for project-specific compiler settings 5 years ago
build.xml Update more parts of the build configuration to use Java 8 5 years ago
pom.xml Start new development version 4 years ago