A LaTeX style for producing author self-archiving copies of (academic) papers.
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authorarchive.zip: * examples/*.tex
rm -rf authorarchive
mkdir -p authorarchive/examples
cp -r icons authorarchive
(cd examples; for i in *.tex; do pdflatex $$i; pdflatex $$i; pdflatex $$i; done)
cp examples/*.tex authorarchive/examples/
cp examples/*.pdf authorarchive/examples/
cp examples/*.config authorarchive/examples/
cp -r examples/bib authorarchive/examples/
cp -r examples/input authorarchive/examples/
cp *.sty authorarchive
cp LICENSE authorarchive
cp *.md authorarchive
chmod -R go+u-w authorarchive
zip -r authorarchive.zip authorarchive
rm -rf authorarchive