Local mirror of Stateful Protocol Composition and Typing entry of the Archive of Formal Proofs (AFP).
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To cite the use of this formal theory, please use
Andreas V. Hess, Sebastian Mödersheim, and Achim D. Brucker. Stateful
Protocol Composition and Typing. In Archive of Formal Proofs, 2020.
Formal proof development
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@Article{ hess.ea:stateful:2020,
abstract= {We provide in this AFP entry several relative soundness
results for security protocols. In particular, we prove
typing and compositionality results for stateful protocols
(i.e., protocols with mutable state that may span several
sessions), and that focuses on reachability properties. Such
results are useful to simplify protocol verification by
reducing it to a simpler problem: Typing results give
conditions under which it is safe to verify a protocol in a
typed model where only "well-typed" attacks can occur whereas
compositionality results allow us to verify a composed protocol
by only verifying the component protocols in isolation. The
conditions on the protocols under which the results hold are
furthermore syntactic in nature allowing for full automation.
The foundation presented here is used in another entry to
provide fully automated and formalized security proofs of
stateful protocols.},
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