A data science framework for analyzing Chrome browser extensions.

Updated 7 months ago

Collection of zsh plugins and themes for members of the logicalhacking team.

Updated 7 months ago

A tool for analysing publication related key performance indicates (KPIs) based on the information available at the Google Scholar page of an author.

Updated 8 months ago

A Python crawler for extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Updated 1 year ago

Damn Vulnerable Hybrid Mobile App (DVHMA) is an hybrid mobile app (for Android) that intentionally contains vulnerabilities.

Updated 4 months ago

Damn Vulnerable Grade Management System - An Intentionally Vulnerable Ruby on Rails App

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 1 week ago

A LaTeX class for writing (EPRSC) grant proposals.

Updated 1 year ago

Orca: A Functional Correctness Verifier for Imperative Programs Based on Isabelle/UTP.

Updated 1 day ago

Experimental mirror of Citadelle ( https://projects.brucker.ch/hol-testgen/log/trunk/hol-testgen/add-ons/Featherweight-OCL ) compiling with randomly selected versions of Isabelle

Updated 5 months ago

A Collection of Isabelle Programming Hacks

Updated 1 month ago

LaTeX template mimicking the layout of the PowerPoint template for the OWASP AppSecEU 2018 conference in London.

Updated 8 months ago

DASCA combines dynamic and static techniques for analysing code for finding security (i.e., vulnerabilities), safety, or reliability problems.

Updated 3 months ago

A repository of Dockerfiles for running Isabelle or projects based on Isabelle.

Updated 2 months ago