Isabelle/DOF is a novel Document Ontology Framework on top of Isabelle. Isabelle/DOF allows for both conventional typesetting as well as formal development.
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Isabelle/DOF: Document Preparation Setup

Isabelle/DOF is a novel Document Ontology Framework on top of Isabelle. Isabelle/DOF allows for both conventional typesetting as well as formal development. The manual for Isabelle/DOF 1.3.0/Isabelle2021-1 is available online.


Isabelle/DOF has three major prerequisites:

  • Isabelle: Isabelle/DOF requires Isabelle 2021-1. Please download the Isabelle 2021-1 distribution for your operating system from the Isabelle website.

  • AFP: Isabelle/DOF requires two entries from the Archive of Formal Proofs (AFP). Please install the AFP following the instructions given at For your convenience, we also provide a script that only installs the two entries required by Isabelle/DOF into the local Isabelle/DOF directory. First, Isabelle/DOF needs to be registered as an Isabelle component:

    foo@bar:~$ isabelle components -u `pwd`

    Thereafter, the AFP entries can be installed as follows:

    foo@bar:~$ isabelle env ./install-afp
  • LaTeX: Isabelle/DOF requires a modern LaTeX installation, i.e., at least TeX Live 2022 with all available updates applied.


Isabelle/DOF is provided as an Isabelle component. After installing the prerequisites, change into the directory containing Isabelle/DOF (this should be the directory containing this file) and execute (if you executed this command already during the installation of the pre-requisites, you can skip it now):

foo@bar:~$ isabelle components -u `pwd`

The final step for the installation is:

foo@bar:~$ isabelle build -D .

This will compile Isabelle/DOF and run the example suite.


Opening an Example

If you want to work with or extend one of the examples, e.g., you can open it similar to any standard Isabelle theory:

isabelle jedit -d . -l Isabelle_DOF examples/scholarly_paper/2018_cicm/IsaDofApplications.thy

This will open an example of a scientific paper using the pre-compiled session Isabelle_DOF, i.e., you will not be able to edit the ontology definitions. If you want to edit the ontology definition, just open the theory file with the default HOL session:

isabelle jedit -d . -l HOL examples/scholarly_paper/2018_cicm/IsaDofApplications.thy

While this gives you more flexibility, it might "clutter" your editing experience, as a lot of internal theories are loaded into Isabelle's editor.

Creating a New Project

The DOF-plugin provides an alternative to Isabelle's mkroot command. Isabelle projects that use DOF need to be created using

foo@bar:~$ isabelle dof_mkroot

The dof_mkroot command takes the same parameter as the standard mkroot command of Isabelle. Thereafter, the normal Isabelle command for building documents can be used.

Using the -o option, different ontology setups can be selected and using the -t option, different LaTeX setups can be selected. For example,

foo@bar:~$ isabelle dof_mkroot -o scholarly_paper -t scrartcl

creates a setup using the scholarly_paper ontology and the article class from the KOMA-Script bundle.

The help (option -h) show a list of all supported ontologies and document templates:

foo@bar:~$ isabelle dof_mkroot -h
Usage: isabelle dof_mkroot [OPTIONS] [DIRECTORY]

  Options are:
    -I           init Mercurial repository and add generated files
    -n NAME      alternative session name (default: directory base name)
    -o ONTOLOGY  ontology (default: scholarly_paper)
    -t TEMPLATE  tempalte (default: scrartcl)

  Prepare session root directory (default: current directory).


For releases, signed archives including a PDF version of the Isabelle/DOF manual are available:

Older Releases


Main contacts:


  • Idir Ait-Sadoune
  • Paolo Crisafulli
  • Chantal Keller
  • Nicolas Méric


This project is licensed under a 2-clause BSD license.

SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause


Upstream Repository

The upstream git repository, i.e., the single source of truth, for this project is hosted at