A LaTeX style for producing author self-archiving copies of (academic) papers.
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A LaTeX style for producing author self-archiving copies of (academic) papers.


Copy authorarchive.sty and the directory icons in a directory that is searched by LaTeX (e.g., either your texmf tree or the local directory with your main LaTeX file).


A simple use for LNCS-formatted papers is as follows:

   publication={Anonymous et al.\ (eds). Proceedings of the International
       Conference on LaTeX-Hacks, LNCS~42. Some Publisher}

The following layout-styles are pre-defined:

  • ACM for the two-column layout used by many ACM conferences
  • ENTCS for the Elsevier ENTCS layout
  • IEEE for the two-column layout used by many IEEE conferences
  • LNCS for the LNCS layout (as used by Springer)
  • LNI for the Lecture Notes in Informatics, published by the GI

By re-defining the font command (authorcrfont{}) and the command that is used for positioning the copyright text (\authorat{}), the package can be adapted easily to other layouts. For example,


works nicely for Acta Informatica.

Boolean Switches

Switch Meaning
nocopyright If present, no publisher's copyright notice is printed. Usual case for LNCS.
nourl If present, no link to the publication is inserted.
nobib If present, no embedding of bibliographic entries is made.
orcidicon For layouts displaying the author's ORCID identifiers as text, replace the ORCID identifier by the ORICD iD icon and a hyperlink (currently only supported for LNCS).

Key/Value Options

Option Default Meaning
bibtexdir . The directory where the bibliography entries are listed.
baseurl https://git.logicalhacking.com/adbrucker/authorarchive/src/main The URL used as prefix for building the links.
suffix .pdf The suffix to use at links.
publisher UNKOWN PUBLISHER The name of the publisher. Default values are set by the series (LNCS, ...).
year UNKOWN YEAR The year of the publication.
key empty The basename of the filename. Used also to generate links.
doi empty The DOI of the publication. Used to generate the DOI link.
doiText The value of doi In case a DOI contains underscores, the displayed text differs from the DOI.
publisherurl empty In case no DOI is provided, one can provide a link to the publisher.
startpage 1 The pagenumber of the first page of the paper.
publication UNKNOWN PUBLICATION Information on the publication.

The package also defines a command \authorsetup{} which allows to define key value options dynamically. Moreover, if a file authorarchive.config exists in the LaTeX search path, it will be loaded automatically. This allows for configuring defaults (e.g., the baseurl) easily.

Embedding Bibliography Entries

Mostly, it is hard for scientists to find the correct bibtex entry for a paper. One solution to this issue is to embed the respective .bib (BibTeX, for LaTeX users), .enw (Endnote), .ris, or .word.xml (Word 2007 or later) file in the PDF directly. In case any of these file exist in bibtexdir, it gets embedded in the PDF.

You can use the bibutils for converting between these different formats for bibliographic references easily.

Notes on Self-Archiving

Before using this package, please check with your signed copyright form, which rights you have. Especially whether you may self-archive the preprint or the postprint. For more information on that, read on at https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/information-culture/understanding-your-rights-pre-prints-post-prints-and-publisher-versions/.

None of the authors might be hold liable for copyright violations by using this package.


Usage at arXiv.org

arXiv.org deletes bib files when submitting a pre print. As workaround, this package supports using the file suffix .bibtex. When no .bib is found, but a .bibtex file, this file is used and embedded as .bib file into the PDF.

Other publishers

In general, one does not need to specify a certain publisher (or LaTeX document class). The default setting just prints the note centered at the bottom of the first page.

   publication={Anonymous et al.\ (eds). Proceedings of the International
       Conference on LaTeX-Hacks, CEUR-WS Vol~42, 2017.}

Still, for some used document classes (e.g., lncs and acmart) there are specific package options available hat produce an alternative layout.

Alternative Packages

The package coverpage prepends a separate PDF page before the first page of the paper. That page contains the bibliographic information as BibTeX entry. One is forced to have a .bib file ready and multiple institutions are not well supported. With authorarchive, the information is printed at the bottom of the first page of the paper and required links to the publisher are generated.

The package llncsconf is a light-weight alternative to this package. It supports LNCS only. In comparison to authorarchive, it provides support for the additional publication states "intended-to-submit" and "submitted", but no QR code and links to the author's archive URL.


Main author: Achim D. Brucker



If not otherwise stated, all sub-projects are dual-licensed under a 2-clause BSD-style license and/or the LPPL version 1.3c or (at your opinion) any later version.

SPDX-License-Identifier: LPPL-1.3c+ OR BSD-2-Clause

Upstream Repository

The upstream git repository, i.e., the single source of truth, for this project is hosted by the Software Assurance & Security Research Team at https://git.logicalhacking.com/adbrucker/authorarchive.