A LaTeX class for writing (EPRSC) grant proposals.
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A LaTeX Style Implementing the Layout of EPSRC Funding Proposals

This LaTeX class provides a layout for EPSRC funding applications in the UK. It focuses on the traditional proposal layout, that is summarized on the EPSRC website as follows:

All attachments must be completed in single-spaced typescript in Arial 11 or other sans serif typeface of equivalent size, with margins of at least 2cm. Arial narrow and Calibri are not allowable font types.

Text in embedded diagrams or pictures, numerical formulae or references can be smaller, as long as it is legible. Text in tables and figure labels not within embedded diagrams or pictures should be at least 11 point.

We recommend that all attachments are uploaded into Je-S as Adobe Acrobat files (PDF) as uploading word documents can result in layout changes to the document. Also, as Je-S does not support all Microsoft Office Word font types, unsupported fonts will be replaced, possibly resulting in layout changes to the document.

Disclaimer: While this class tries to follow this layout as closely as possible, there is no guarantee that proposal written using the EPSRC class are accepted for review (i.e., not desk rejected) and neither is there a guarantee of a positive funding outcome.


To ensure the consistency of common configurations across the various documents that EPSRC requires, the class file uses a file epsrc.config that, if available, is shared across all documents. A minimal example is:

\author{Poor Researcher}
\projectitle[PGMM]{Please Give Me Money}

Otherwise, the class file is loaded as usual:


This ensures a document following the basic layout on a4 paper with 2 cm margins and a base font that is metrically compatible with Arial (the current setup uses Arimo). Moreover, the font size is scaled to use 11 pt in Postscript Points.

Package Options

The epsrc class only has one option, called hideinfo that is false by default. This options configures if additional information using the \info{} command are shown or now.

Provided Commands

The provides the following commands:

  • \info{...} for type-setting informative text for co-authors. In the final submission, this text is usually hidden (using the class option hideinfo).
  • \projectitle[shorttitle]{longtitle} for setting the project title (and, optional, an acronym).
  • \project for printing the full title of a project (long title and acronym)
  • \projectlong for printing the long title of a project
  • \projectshort for printing the short title of a project


The package configures biblatex for type-setting bibliographies. All standard commands of the package biblatex can be used. Moreover, the class file provides the following additional commands:

  • \citeapplicant{...} as a variation of the \cite{...}, marking the citation a work of one of the applicants of the proposal. They are marked in the bibliography.
  • \singlecolprintbibliography as an alternative to \printbibliography with a pre-configured single-column layout (this might be bending the EPSRC rules)
  • \twocolprintbibliography as an alternative to \printbibliography with a pre-configured two-column layout (this might be bending the EPSRC rules)


Main author: Achim D. Brucker


This project is dual-licensed under a 2-clause BSD-style license and/or the LPPL version 1.3c or (at your opinion) any later version.

SPDX-License-Identifier: LPPL-1.3c+ OR BSD-2-Clause

Upstream Repository

The upstream git repository, i.e., the single source of truth, for this project is hosted by the Software Assurance & Security Research Team at https://git.logicalhacking.com/adbrucker/epsrc.